How to use Initial Gallery [Flow from exhibit to publication]

Learn how to use the Initial Gallery [Flow from exhibit to publication].
This article is for those who want to list their works in the Initial Gallery but don’t know the details.

The exhibition fee of the work is free, so please consider to exhibit the work.

How to apply for exhibition of works

You can apply for listing from “Application and inquiry for exhibition of works” on the Initial Gallery top page.

Please enter the required information and submit.

Detailed information on the products you wish to exhibit

After applying for the exhibit, we will contact you at the email address you registered from the initial gallery.

If you would like to exhibit your work, please let us know the following information.
① artist’s name
② Brief biography of the artist
③ title of the work
④ work size
⑤ production year
⑥ technique
⑦ presence or absence of frame
⑧ sales price of desired works
⑨ Picture *
⑩ URLs of SNS and HP

Criteria for publication

Based on the detailed information of the exhibit you submitted, we will examine whether it can be published or not.

The examination period may take about a month. Thank you for your understanding.

Regardless of the screening, we will contact you at the email address you registered from the initial gallery.

・a person who has a record as a professional artist
(Those who have experience in individual and group exhibitions)
・As a professional artist, you have the intention to publish your work in the future.
・Those who actively transmit their works.
(Exhibits, participation in events, information transmission from SNS and HP, etc.)
・Not overly antisocial

・Original work
(One-of-a-kind items only, non-replicable items (digital works, photographs and prints are not currently available).
・Excessive violence, obscenity, antisociality, religion, non-spiritual works, etc.
・Works that have been kept by the owner in an appropriate environment
・Works that are not extremely large or small in size (judged individually)
・Owner and applicant are the same

Rules for Auditing
・We will not disclose the reason why it was not published.
・You can apply again every 90 days.

Flow after publication decision

If so, you will be provided with the following additional information:.
・Bank Account Information (Bank name, branch name, account number, account holder)
・Brief biography of the writer (CV)
・Video posted on the work page (Optional)

Also, I am sending you the flow of the purchase and sale of works by email. Please confirm.

As soon as we confirm the above, we will post it according to our company’s schedule.

>Initial Gallery(イニシャルギャラリー)

Initial Gallery(イニシャルギャラリー)