How to use the Initial Gallery 【Purchase Method 】

This article explains how to buy a work of art if you buy it at an initial gallery and continue to own it, and how to buy it in investment ownership, where you can profit from the sale.
We will also explain how to accept your purchase request.

Purchase method

Regularly owned artworks can be purchased and enjoyed from the Initial Gallery.
If you want to enjoy your favorite works for a long time, this is the way to buy them.

【1】Please enter and submit the necessary information from the purchase form.

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【2】The person in charge will contact you about the purchase procedure. Please transfer the purchase cost to the designated bank account.

【3】The work will be delivered and delivered as soon as the payment is confirmed.

About the status of the work

Regarding the sold item, the owner of the work does not want to sell it at all.

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>Initial Gallery(イニシャルギャラリー)

Initial Gallery(イニシャルギャラリー)